SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Contemplation in action
 ーIn relation with othersー

[1]Starting with the heart of “waiting after doing
   everything that we can do”
[2]Without quitting “working”  
[3] With righteous and noble motivation
[4] Relating with others with the heart of “hospitality”
[5]Always living in the present 
[6]Through courage and spirit to give 
[7] Trying to forgive
[8] Doing our best to be humble 
[9] Looking for good things
[10] Praying to be given “broken heart”
[11] Looking at things from standpoints of others
[12] Do not try to escape from difficulties 
[13] Unleashing the spirit of trust
[14] Receiving things delivered to us trying not to avoid them 
[15] Letting go of as many things as possible
[16]Discovering – 1 (Narita Airport)
[17] Discovering – 2 (Large hospital)
[18] What I come to realize – 3 (Sunday park) 
[19] What I come to realize – 4 (Beautiful old people)
[20] What I come to realize - 5 (God's helping hands) 
[21] Invited to support God's "battle"
[22] With the heart of returning favor 
[23] Trying to organize all matters and events in
   clean manner
[24] Focusing on our own path without comparing
   ourselves with others
[25] Using things in appropriate manner (1)
 – Things other than human beings (materials, animals, plants) -
[26] Using things in appropriate manner (2) – Our body -