SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To Our visitors

Greetings: Purpose of the launch of this website

 Various ways have been sought in order to attain our dream of enhancing our way of life and building a good community.
 We are seeking a way called “Sadhana.”
 The history of Sadhana in Japan started in 1976, when Fr. Anthony De Mello came to Japan and provided guidance for retreats.  Over thirty years have passed since then.  Sadhana is simple but it has become popular thanks to the efforts of many priests, nuns, and faithful.
 We, who try to navigate ourselves through this modern age in this way, now have a “port.”
A “port” is a place where
――Various ships rest.
――We have various meetings.
――We can collect information that we cannot on a voyage.
――We restock materials required for next voyage.
――We look back on the course we have sailed.
――We plan a next destination.
――We can repair ships.
 As long as the website is managed in a wise way, the “port” will be a “happy” place for many people who:
 Look at themselves sincerely.
 Want to establish themselves first while they are not uninterested in others.
 Try to work on issues calmly rather than dramatically.
Cherish sharing among those “who seek a way” with an open mind.
Try to see the true life.
――The port where such people gather will certainly be a place full of graciousness, warmth, cheerful spirits, refreshing sensation, and hopes for the future
 We appreciate your kind support.  (Fr. Wataru Uekuri, June 2009)



Sadhana activities by region
[Kanto region]

■ Four types of Sadhana retreats and workshops are provided mainly at Kamishakujii Retreat House, Higashimurayama Trinity Retreat House, and Hayama Hijas de Jesús Prayer House.
■ One Jesuit (Fr. Uekuri) leads the promotion of Sadhana, supported by about 10 faithful and nuns.
■ We plan and promote four types of retreats: “Sadhana I,” “Sadhana II,” “Single-day Sadhana,” and “Know yourself.”
■ The Kanto region is unique because it designs/promotes “Single-day Sadhana” as a follow-up course for those who have taken “Sadhana I” and “Sadhana II.”  “Single-day Sadhana” is offered quarterly, and a total of about 120 people have participated in the program.
■ This website is run by the Kanto team.
■ The team sometimes meets at Michiko Wakayama’s house in Hongo, Tokyo.
■ The promotion team also have an overnight training for the better promotion of Sadhana.  We plan to hold the training twice a year.

[Kansai region]

1) Sadhana retreats are held twice a year, inviting priests.  (In 2009, Sadhana I is scheduled to be offered by [Fr. Uekuri] in July and [Fr. Lafont] in October.)
2) Sadhana reunion is held four times a year.
It is held at the convent of The Passionists (10-2, Mefuyamate-cho, Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo).
■ At the reunion, Sadhana alumni in the Kansai region spend a time meditating based on the book “Wellsprings” and promoting friendship from the dinner time on Saturday to Sunday afternoon.  For dinner on Saturday, people who come early cook some dish using semiperishable udon that spills out of a machine when nuns bake the Host at the convent.  It is delicious.  We have met 42 times in 10 years since the launch of the alumni association, inviting members in the Kansai region.  About four to eight people come each time.  We spend a blessed day regardless of the number of participants.  Some people come from afar.

[Simonoseki region]

■ Simonoseki is a fortunate place where Lafont served for about 10 years.
■ The city consists of three parishes.  After he came in 1991, he guided a weekly half-day program (for two months) at each of the three churches according to his pastoral schedule.
■ Since 2001, Fr. Lafont was transferred to Hiroshima.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, the program was switched to a more intensive one.  Considering the circumstances of local faithful, intensive retreat programs are offered without having to stay overnight but in the form of single-day visit from home.  About 15 to 20 people participate in the program every time, and it has been offered constantly without interruption.  We have an opportunity to meet new people.  Some people come from outside the Prefecture, and we have some Protestant participants.
■ This year, “Know yourself,” the introductory workshop to the Sadhana retreat, is due to be offered soon.
■ Members who experienced the Sadhana retreat several times gather once a month since spring 2000 to have meditation and sharing using “Wellsprings” by Fr. De Mello.  We meditate for about two hours on one theme every time.  Priests and lay members meditate and share thoughts on an equal footing.  About 10 people participate in the program every time.  Based on the trust that we have developed through many years of sharing, we respect each other as a member of the community and develop/support our belief in God.
■ Beyond the boundary of the Shimonoseki region, a new move started this year at Yamaguchi Catholic Church.  It is the “Experiencing Prayer” program designed based on the Sadhana retreat.  As a part of a preparatory course for prospective church members in the Yamaguchi/Shimane region, Hiroshima Diocese, it will be held 12 times, six times a year for two years.  About 40 applications for participation have been received from 18 neighboring parishes, and Fr. Lafont is working on the program more eagerly than ever.
■ We could easily lose our faith in the middle of busy daily life.  But if we take time and look at all the things that surround us through prayer, we can experience encounter with our Lord, who is always with us, and we can develop our belief that pours out from our heart.  It is our hope that many people experience the way (Sadhana) to God so that they can feel in their daily lives that they are connected to the Lord and they live with the Lord.