SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Sadhana meditation

 Sadhana means a way to God. This meditation was elaborated by Fr. Anthony De Mello who has been known to us with his many writings like “What and how shall we pray?” It is a prayer method that has adopted rich fruits of psychology and oriental meditation, based upon the spirituality of St. Ignatius.
 Deepening our prayer, releasing our mind, we aim at becoming mature as Christian. We can also say that we will encounter with God by experiencing the quietness of mind and intellect and by knowing who you are.
 We sit in a circle with an instructor, and we pray with his/her instruction. The exercise begins with becoming conscious of physical senses. We get to know the world of unconsciousness, by becoming conscious of sounds and experiencing emotions and imagination. Then, we reach our goal to experience the world of soul.
 In other words, we can reach our goal to make a contemplative prayer, after making a perceptual or a faithful prayer.
 And after sharing respective experiences in a small group, we are going to receive a further instruction in detail. Then, we are going to experience a deeper communication with other participants, by knowing who we are and knowing the change of other people's mind.
 Deepening Your Prayer
 Releasing Your Mind
 Becoming Mature as Christian
 Growing up as a Member of a Community

 Sitting in a circle with an instructor, participants have to make a prayer with his/her instruction. Sharing respective experiences, they are going to receive a further instruction in detail.

【Five Steps of Sadhana】
(1) 「Knowing Who You Are」

For the purpose of leading a vivid and joyful life
For the purpose of developing a better relationship with other people

(2) SadhnaⅠ
Deepening Your Prayer
Encountering With God
Releasing Your Mind (a total of 18 hours)

(3) SadhanaⅡ
For those who would like to deepen a prayer experience
Theme:Becoming conscious of emotions (a total of 24 hours)
(4) Diary Sadhana
For those who have ever attended Sadhana I & II twice each session and would like to develop your personality
Theme:Reflecting your life in silence and Finding out treasures given by God (a total of 24 hours)
(5) 8-Day Spiritual Exercises and Sadhana I&II
Sadhana exercises are useful to be able to pray each contemplation of the spiritual exercises without difficulty and from your heart.