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Other ways of praying

【10】Praying by contemplating our personal history – 1 (positive experiences)

 Let’s look back on our own life calmly and frankly, and recall our experiences in life.  In this section, we will try to look at positive experiences.
 What education did we receive? – We can be pleased with the good education that we have received.  You may also be moved by the kind care that teachers gave us.
 What did our parents give us? – We can recall some moving stories about our parents’ loving care when we were sick or when we were at an important point of our growth process.  There should also be things that we cannot miss in terms of food, clothing, and housing.
 What did we do with our friends? – We should be able to recall many, many things that encouraged our life.  And there must be some experiences that were truly helpful for us.
 Let’s calmly and piously think that God’s act was behind such good experiences.
 And we will become thankful, and can feel deep and big love of God.  Let’s deepen our prayer to the point where we hope that we can respond to God’s big love, which we are moved by.
 The above positive good experiences are built on many favorable conditions.  They are events like hills that have been formed on a well-conditioned foundation.
 We should not focus only on the positive experiences that stand out like hills.  Actually, we can live our daily life smoothly without troubles because our life is filled with God’s grace.
 We can stay healthy because of the support of God.  God’s grace and support is also represented in the fact that we can maintain our role in the society, that we can earn money, that our family can be together, and that we can grow ourselves.
 Let’s thank God straightforwardly, and pray so that we can respond to God’s love.


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