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【7】 Praying by appreciating the view of nature – 2 (intellectual prayer)

 We can often see the astounding systems of nature.  Such systems, rules, and structural principles are more and more surprising as we come to know nature better.
 What we see through the eyes tends to cause intellectual/spiritual activities.  Through the intellectual astonishment and admiration, we can directly praise the greatness of God.  Through such praise, we can also come to realize the wonderful gift from God, understand God’s love and kindness, and grow our gratitude and dedication.
 Let’s carefully observe a flower.  First, we can follow the growth process of this flower from its burgeoning.  The roots take water and nutrition from the ground through membranes.  Then the water and nutrition is lifted up against the gravity.  Although it is a small life, it has a solid system of getting water and nutrition.  To lift up water and nutrition, it has systems such as a capillary structure and small valves.  And it eventually forms a bud.  It is also astounding to see how it forms a bud and blooms when the time comes.  The shape and color is beautiful.  It has the wonderful system of opening the thin petals in an unconstrained manner.  Let’s praise God through such intellectual astonishment and admiration, and grow our gratitude and dedication.
 Now, let’s observe a bird.  It has a mouth, tongue, throat, stomach, intestines, and bones.  It also has legs while it can fly in the air.  In spite of its body weight, it can stay in the air for hours using its pretty wings.
In the small body, it is given skills to catch the air, use muscles, find directions, and feel weather.  Each organ and part is wonderfully structured.  The anatomy is formed wonderfully, and it is also surprising to see that a bird can skillfully use the body in an integrated manner through the biological and instinctive functions.  Let’s praise God through such intellectual astonishment and admiration, and grow our gratitude and dedication.
 Under the sea, we can find the wonderful life of fish.  Shellfish, shrimps, and turtles also live in the sea.  And each creature has its own unique and surprising systems.
 Let’s see a person, who is closest to us.  We are surprised by how the life is maintained, grows after its birth, and has the advanced and complex combination of functions (and human is full of mysteries even before birth).
The earth also has wonderful physical, chemical, and astronomic structures.  And the universe is also organized and structured wonderfully.
 Every time we are surprised by a thing, we can praise and thank God.  And by being impressed by the fact that wonderful God pays attention to such small details, we can strengthen our dedication.

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