SadhanaOriental meditation and christian prayer

Other ways of praying

【5】Chanting short phrase repeatedly -2 (using your own words)

 The phrases that we repeat do not have to be quoted from the Bible as we learned in the previous section.  We can use phrases from other sources.
Or we can create our own phrases such as
 “God, please pull me close (to you).”
 “Jesus, please make me like you.”
 The advantage of creating our own phrase is that we can pray in the words that are most suited to our spiritual status.  Such a short phrase can be:
 “My God, my everything.”
 “Jesus, Mary, Joseph.”
 “Let me love you.”
 “Love without rest.”
 “I’ll go down lower.”
 “Break out of skin”
 “Let me keep the youth of my heart.”
 We can repeat the short phrase whenever we have a chance.
 When we can verbally perceive, during meditation or volunteer work, how we want to develop ourselves (or when our sincere hope can be expressed in words), let’s use such words and make our own phrase.
 The benefit of this prayer can be maximized when we aim to <<strengthen our faith,>> <<develop ourselves,>> and <<come closer to God.>>  It is a prayer coming deep from our heart to develop ourselves.  It is wonderful to frankly express our hope to develop (strengthen) ourselves in the direction we wish to follow.  We can sincerely ask for God’s mercy, or we can thank and praise God.  Let us pray in words that are closely connected to our heart.
 This prayer will strengthen us when we repeat the phrase “in our everyday life” and “in connection with our everyday life.”  We can develop ourselves steadily if we continue repeating it for a long time with patience.
 This prayer used to be called jaculatoria (brief fervent prayer).  Recently, many people call it mantra, which is originally an Indian word.

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