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Prayer with fantasy

[24]Meditation to “share the blessings of redemption in Christ” by Fr. De Mello

 For the first ten minutes, pay attention to breathing, and feel the air touching the inner part of the tip of your nose and upper lip.  For the next twenty minutes, pray in the following manner.  (Total 30 minutes)
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
 Sit down on a floor or chair in a relaxed manner, with your back straight and with your eyes closed.  You can alternatively open your eyes slightly.  First, pay attention to breathing, and feel the air touching the nose and upper lip.  Observe whether the air is cold or warm, where you feel the air, and whether the amount of breath is large or small.  Keep doing this carefully, patiently, and calmly.  (10 minutes)
 Now, we start praying.
 Look at Jesus on the cross.  Is he in front of you, or in your heart?  Imagine.  And fasten your eyes on Jesus on the cross.  Look at the wound in his side stabbed with a spear.  Look at the wounds in his hands and feet pierced with nails.  Just look at them.  Take time and look at them.  (5 minutes)
 Jesus is resurrected gradually.  His facial expression changes from the agonizing one to the joyful one.  Look at his triumphant face carefully.  (2 minutes)
 Now, you are in a different place.  You are in front of Jesus’ tomb.  Imagine that Jesus, who has risen, is in front of you, as he showed himself to Mary Magdalene.  Look at the resurrected Jesus carefully.  How does your mind react?  How do you feel?  Just look at him without thinking.  Be focused.  (3 minutes)
 The resurrected Jesus shows you his side stabbed with a spear.   It is a symbol of his love.  It shows that he sacrificed his life for you.  The resurrected Jesus loves you.  He accepts you.  You also accept that he loves you.  It is a passive attitude.  Jesus loves you even though you have shortcomings.  Not only he loves you, but he likes you.  Jesus accepts and cherishes you as you are.  “You don’t have to change.  I accept you as you are,” he says.  Accept Jesus’ love.  And believe it.  He loves you unconditionally.  Feel the joy of being loved.  Take a moment and pray, and accept Jesus’ love.  (10 minutes)
 Conclude this prayer, singing Tenrei Seika (Japanese liturgical hymn book) #128 “Shu o aogi mite (Looking up to the Lord).”

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