SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

My experience of Sadhana sessions

My name that God calls

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  After I came to know Sadhana and participate in the program several times, I have a solid sense that I am regaining, through contact with our Lord in the sessions, the original heart that God created.
 By using my five senses to enjoy communication with Jesus as if I really see, hear, and touch him, and by strengthening relationship with him, I feel that I am recovering my life like a wasteland gradually regaining green.
 Here is my experience in the session called Jesus Prayer in Sadhana II.
 “First, call the name of Jesus in appreciation, hope, or trust.”
 Guided by the father, I called the name of our Lord.
 “Lord Jesus” (Please make me stay with you.)
 “Lord Jesus” (I don’t want to make you sad any more by committing sins.)
 “Lord Jesus” (Please help me, as I am weak.)
 “Lord Jesus” (I am in peace because you fill in me.)
 “Lord Jesus” (I adore you.)
 In the phrase “Lord Jesus,” I added various thoughts.
 “Now, stop chanting, and enjoy the peaceful feeling.”
 I thought of the resurrection of Jesus in silence, and enjoyed his presence.
Then, an image of Jesus came to my mind.  He was in the ocean, free and relaxed.  It seemed that the Lord’s peace was woven into the gentle sound of the waves.
 Both Jesus and I kept silent without doing anything, but I felt very peaceful only by staying with him.
 I didn’t have to say anything tactful or try too hard.  I had no intimidating or stifling feeling like a corset squeezing my body tightly.  I was truly free and relaxed in front of Jesus.
 “Next, listen to Jesus.  What does he call you?”
 “What does he call me?”  I was excited to hear his voice, but I could not hear it directly.
 Instead, the ocean in front of me surged against me, and the richness, magnificence, unrestricted freedom, and natural beauty of Jesus came to me like the sea.
 And I felt that I was told as follows:
 “You used to have the freedom and naturalness like the ocean, but you are stuck with various worldly things, and you have bound yourself firmly.  First, liberate yourself from the big shackle.  Then, you will be able to provide a little help for people who suffer from small shackles to regain freedom.”

(Tokyo Prefecture, 30s, female)