SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

My experience of Sadhana sessions

My name that God calls-1

 “Jesus Prayer,” one of the Sadhana exercise, is a method of praying in gratitude, hope, praise, and trust, calling the name of Jesus.  After that, we hear in peace that Jesus calls us.
 What does he call me?  I try to listen to him.  Because he is a spiritual being who was resurrected, I cannot hear him through the human voice.  But I can clearly feel that he warms my heart, encourages me, and calls me.
God gave each of us an apt name, hoping that we live in a way he wishes.  For example, Virgin Mary (“a person who is loved and enhanced by God”) was told by Gabriel that she was going to conceive and bear a boy, whom she will call Jesus (“God saves you”).  Simon was given the name Peter (“rock”) to be the foundation of the Church.
 To know the name that God gave me lovingly and to become aware of my identity and deepest self is like finding the key to maximizing the life that God gave me.  That is where I can find the spring of life, from which I fully gain strength from God.
 In the Sadhana program, we look back on our past and pray with fantasy, following a leader, so that we can be closer to Jesus.  Through these exercises, and through daily meditation, I have gradually come to realize Jesus’ eye on me and my deep self.
 What is the “unique name” that he gave me based on the image that he has had since before he created me, hoping that I would grow as he wishes?  I haven’t found the right word that describes it in human language, but I think it is something to do with the “peace of the Lord” that Jesus promised us before the Passion.
I can hear God’s voice as a gentle and pleasant mass of energy.  As Jesus calls me, I prostrate myself before Him.
Lord, what do you wish from me?
My wish is to say “yes”
as you call me,
and to live your will cheerfully,
wearing the name that you gave me.
Please call me often
so that I am always awake in joy.
(Kanagawa Prefecture, 60s, female)