SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

My experience of Sadhana sessions

My belief that has been changed

  I was raised in a devout Catholic family.  I have never questioned the existence of God, and therefore, I had lived in fear of judgment, thinking “this is evil” and “this is sinful.”  I was more seriously concerned about not doing bad things and not going to hell rather than trying to do good things.  I have been taught for years in family, through education, and at church, but where were true freedom, dignity, kindness, and love, if I think now?
 I was around 40 when I met Sadhana, a program that I’d never heard of.  At first, I participated in the program out of curiosity and because I was attracted to the guiding priest’s unique personality.  After participating in it for several times, my soul fully met Christ, who I believe in, and I experienced the feeling of being loved rather than my love towards Him.  It is unconditional love.  I am loved as I am and freely, and even if I don’t specifically do good things but just because I live!
 Through the game-like Sadhana program, I experienced the joy of becoming fully into one with Jesus, which liberated me in an unimaginable way, and I can keep having hope that never goes away.
 “The Lord’s happiness is my happiness, and my happiness is the Lord’s happiness.”  I want to say loudly that this belief is the blessing of becoming into one with God through Sadhana.          (Tokyo Prefecture, 60s, female)