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My experience of Sadhana sessions

Sadhana Experience

 I heard about Sadhana from reading “Wellsprings―A Book of Spiritual Exercises”, a book written by Father De Mello. I was moved by the beautiful words in the book and bought all his books. I indulged myself in reading them and ever since then, I wanted to experience Sadhana. However, because of my work schedule I was not able to participate in Sadhana and time went by.  This year, I participated in Sadhana I and II successively as if I was guided to do so.  I was able to spend a moment of full contentment.
 In Sadhana I session, we performed an activity by following the guided directions from Father.  I experienced several moments where the images seemed so real.  Through these exercises, I was able to encounter God, to converse with God and to spend many days feeling thankful towards God.
 Moreover, I felt that God was with me throughout the exercises I experienced and that my life was in God’s hands. I am thankful for the many blessings that God has given me up till now, and my heart is filled with gratitude towards the people around me, who have given me support.
 When I came home after Sadhana I session, I was able to express my feelings to my parents obediently by saying “Thank you very much for everything”.
 In the next Sadhana II session, I did the exercise, “How did God call you?”, and God called me “Child of Service”.  Since then my theme in life became giving service based on the gifts given to me by God.
 Sadhana meditation is different from understanding God in our head. The Holy Ghost works in the space we share together as we do exercise with everyone sitting in a circle. By doing so, I can deepen my relation with God in a natural way and from there; I was able to feel that it was alright to live as I am and that God is with me all the time.  By experiencing Sadhana I and II, I was able to encounter God in a different way from praying alone. I can still remember the awe that I experienced vividly in my mind. I want to continue participating in Sadhana and deepening my relation with God.  The garden and the beauty of the natural surroundings of the convent I stayed in were very impressive and there, in Sadhana I and II sessions, I was able to feel the work of God.  Thank you!
(Saitama Prefecture, 30s, female)