SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

My experience of Sadhana sessions

My experience in “Wellsprings,” “Know Yourself,” and “Sadhana” programs

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 These three exercises lead me to prayer in daily lives as a single major trend in me.  I can feel that my experience in the “Sadhana” and “Know Yourself” programs is useful in participating in the monthly “Wellsprings” program.  My experience has been developed, interacted through sharing, and is taking root in my daily life in a richer way.
 The first program I participated in was “Wellsprings.”  It was a journey to the unknown world that started with the guidance, “Keep your back straight, close your eyes, and hear sound that surrounds you.”  A monthly gathering became an “invaluable moment” for me.  It is very different from reading the book bearing the same title.  It is rather a live session to mediate, share thoughts and have influence on each other with friends.  Every time, I feel how wonderful and rich the sharing is.  I thank for the encounter with friends.
 “Sadhana” makes me tired.  I fight every time.  I have completely new experience every time.  And I can feel that big and new joy and power comes from inside.  Every single experience, discovery, and learning under a father’s guidance is a treasure for me, especially the experience and excitement of talking to God unconsciously, “Abba, Father!” when I found a glimmer of hope in the deep darkness of my heart.
 “Know Yourself” was an exciting game-like experience over more than a six-month period (once or twice a month).  Although the program is accessible on the surface, its content gets to the core of my own being.  I was given a profound awareness in terms of liberation from emotions.  I am thankful that I am certain that I can step forward, even though slowly, without losing my way through the support of good instructors and dedicated staff.  (Yamaguchi, 60s, female)