SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

My experience of Sadhana sessions

My Sadhana

 I participated in Sadhana II at the convent of The Passionists in Takarazuka in 2008.
 In Sadhana II, we meditate by going back to a sad experience in the past.  I calmed myself, following the words of a father.  After a while, what came to my mind was my old father, who lost almost all his property, deceived by a securities company.  My father did not listen to the opinion of his family who tried to persuade him, but he believed the person from the securities company who was obviously deceiving him.  I remembered that I felt indescribably sad.
 Led by the words of a father, I imagined Jesus comes in that situation.  Jesus stood behind my father, who was seated.  He put his hand on my father’s shoulder, and looked at my father with a caring look.  Jesus was beside my father.  It was a surprise for me.
 I asked Jesus.  “Why doesn’t my father listen to us family but believes this trickster?”  Jesus replied, “This is what the family has done to him.”  We haven’t taken my father’s words seriously.  He was lonely although he lived with us.
 I was very sad, realizing that.  I shed tears, and asked Jesus, “Did my father die a lonely death?”  Jesus replied, “You know that he was very happy with your wedding.  (My father was very satisfied with our wedding in a Korean chogori costume.  He passed away a few days after the ceremony.)  He ended his life in joy.  Everything happens for something good.”
 It is hard to believe that a series of these ideas was in my subconscious.  I talked to a sister, and she said that it is the work of God.
 I am thoroughly contented when I participate in Sadhana.  In my daily life, I often remember the words of Jesus, “Everything happens for something good.”  (Hyogo, 40s, female)