SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

My experience of Sadhana sessions

 Go for a ride with Jesus

 It is a sheer bliss for me to have come to know Sadhana, a way to God. I hope from my heart that the joy will further expand deeper.
 One meditation in the Sadhana II program was to “see the Lord on the cross.” Three of the marks in Jesus suddenly jumped out at me. I could see that these are three matters that have bothered me for a long time. I took a close look at them, and found out that there still were the marks but the wounds were completely healed. I remember that my facial expression changed from that of agony to joy as the face of Jesus changed from that of agony to joy.
 Sometime later, I was praying while I was walking. The Lord showed me that to love means to forgive. In the midst of the overwhelming love, I could not keep standing. I crouched down and cried loudly like a child. I felt that I was freed from the matters that had bothered me. I was very thankful and I could not help shedding tears of joy.
 The Lord, who has risen, said to me, “You’ve been through a lot, but you are fine now. Live your life in peace. Your faith has saved you.”
I also participated in a pleasant meditation called “going for a ride with Jesus.”
 I saw a person who was walking down a street with a T-shirt and short pants on. I pulled over, and then Jesus got on my car! “Jesus, you were waiting for me, weren’t you? You knew that I would pass through here at this time of day,” I said. Jesus replied, “How would you know?” We had much conversation together.
 I could feel more than anything that Jesus always hopes to be with me. I was very happy, and I was united with Jesus before I noticed. I was filled with the indescribable feeling of peace.
 It was a wonderful drive.
 The Lord is omnipresent in heaven and earth.
 I really hope that I want to live in peace all the time with Jesus, who stays with me.
 And I wish that the hopes of the Lord Jesus will prevail on earth and on everybody.
(Tokyo, 60s, Female)