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My experience of Sadhana sessions

My Days in Sadhana (My Experience)

 While I was at the Sadhana session, I was forced to face my weakness and scars within me day and night. Until then,  I had dared not even acknowledge my weakness and scars inside of me, nor even look at them. I had completely shut myself up within me. This caused me to avoid accepting myself. I had to live with a strong feeling of loneliness inside of me.
 Through the Sadhana session, I faced my weakness and scars. It was a tough experience, though, but it helped me to find myself which was filled with weakness and scars. And when I was successful in finding the way I am、I came to think that our Lord encouraged me to rely on Him.
I was inclined to bear my own pains and other peoples' by myself. But since attending the Sadhana session, I have realized that my sensitivity is my unique characteristic. Having such a keen sensitivity, I was sometimes struck with acute loneliness. But even when attacked by such loneliness, I tried to resort to our Lord and rely on him.
 During the session, I was taught by Farther Uekuri the importance and know-how of taking a breath, which is a basic for Sadhana prayer and meditation. It was not easy to gloss over the simple practice of breathing in and breathing out. I didn’t felt relieved when I was not successful in taking a breath smoothly. But at last after trying several times under Father Uekuri’s instruction, I somehow succeeded in getting the knack of calming down myself. By paying an attention to taking a breath in my life, I was given an opportunities to see my everyday practice properly, leading me to see myself. At last I was able to see the way I am.
Thank God
(Kanagawa, a woman in her 30’s)

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