SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[26] For further learning (3) – Broadening ourselves by completely unleashing mind towards senses -

- Continuous observation of air coming in and out of our nostrils with senses of touch and smell
- Continuous observation of sensation on the surface of our body
- And especially, liberation of the senses towards the world of sound
 These things broaden the “region (world) where we live.”  We notice feelings that we had overlooked or neglected.
 Let us look at the meditation of listening to sound.  As we concentrate on the sense of hearing, we notice that the area/field that we did not try to pay attention to is vast.  By trying to listen to all the sounds, we feel that our heart expands.
In our life, we come to know that we can break out of the small frame of mind by trying to expand the potential of our senses.   This is the benefit of trying to observe things exactly as they are.
 In our mind, we try pretty hard to break out of the field we are familiar and comfortable with.  But how about the field of senses?  Here, we are trying to direct ourselves to an unknown field even in terms of the field of senses.
 We start broadening our awareness of the world which we have restricted without knowing – through breathing, observation of sensation of our body, and the sound world.
 As we have already discussed in other sections, this can be achieved in ourselves in connection with the absence of obsession as well as freedom, purity, and brisk feeling.
 This experience of broadening and unleashing our senses is valuable.  It will certainly help us feel the breadth of God.

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