SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[23] Walking meditation (3)

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 Let’s deepen (elaborate) our walking meditation.
Have you shifted your focus down to your belly button?  Are you completely relaxed without any distracting thoughts in your mind?  And have you been able to walk rhythmically?  Are you also observing the continuous change of sensation on the soles of your feet against the ground (floor) as well as the sensation in many parts of your body?
 Now, let’s go deeper in our mind.
 Arms dangling by your sides are now put together in front of your chest.  Make a loose fist with your right hand, and softly put your left hand over your right hand.  When doing this, try not to put any strength into your shoulders.  (Our shoulders are relaxed when we let our arms dangle by our sides, but we tend to put strength in our shoulders when we hold our arms up.)
 In this section, we learn to breathe to the rhythm of walking.  We are walking very slowly.  Let’s breathe in and out as we take two steps.  While we are slowly taking a long breath in, we do the “touch,” “press,” “kick,” and “leave” with one of our foot.  Subsequently, we exhale slowly, and do the “touch,” “press,” “kick,” and “leave” with the other foot.
 While we do this, we do not have any thoughts and ideas in our mind.  About 10% of our mind is used to associate the breathing with walking, and to observe the sensation of our bodily parts.  Remaining 90% is used to breathe and observe the sensation of our bodily parts.
 And our mind does not react to what we see.  It is completely disconnected from the external environment.
Let’s keep walking in the above way.
 We start to enjoy wonderfully deepened state of mind in the peaceful tranquility.
 When we have the precious tranquility and depth in your heart, we can gradually take religious thoughts in our mind.  We can think about our faith and have dialogue with God.  We can maintain holy thoughts.  We can keep the depth and richness of our heart that is comparable to the depth and richness that we have when we sit still and meditate.
 (Change from the sitting position on a low stool to the standing position with strength only put into the lower back.  Change from a motionless posture to a state of moving leg muscles rhythmically.  In this way, we can achieve a sacred state that is comparable to the state achieved by sedentary meditation.)

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