SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[19]Breathing according with the forms of faith – 2 (exhaling)

 In the last chapter, we learned to breathe focusing on inhaling, which is appropriate for some forms of faith such as “the heart to long for God.”
 Now, let’s pray by combining the method of breathing focusing on “exhaling” and our faith.
 Most typical form of faith that suits “exhaling” is “the heart of trust.”
 Let’s put what’s inside us in the hands of God, or deliver our “heart of trust” to God by breathing out.
 It would be good to say (mainly internally) the phrase “(God,) I put it in your hands.”
 How do you want to breathe when you chant the phrase?
 Will you chant it while exhaling a long breath slowly and calmly?
 Or any other way?
 Explore various possibilities, trying several length, depth, thickness, strength, and speed of breath.  Find the method of breathing that you are truly convinced of, and repeat the phrase “(God,) I put it in your hands” on that breathing.
 Some other forms of faith that suit this breathing would be the heart of worship and the desire to serve.  You can use phrases such as “I praise you, God” or “Glory to God” for the heart of worship, and “I am happy to do it” or “I am willing to do it” for the heart of service.
 When you come to be able to pray in the perfect way of breathing for each form of faith, you can experience that you direct yourself completely towards God.

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