SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[16] Giving thanks and praise to God through sense of tongue

  What we feel on tongue, or the joy of eating, is a great pleasure in our life.
 We have raw foods - fruits, vegetables, and seafoods.
 And also various kinds of cocked foods.
 In addition, we can enjoy diverse tasty things such as alcoholic drinks and snacks, which are not a part of meals but give us joy and enrich our lives.
 First, let's simply give praise to God, who is the giver of the joy and comfort. Then, give thanks to God, who delivers such pleasure to our life.
 This prayer is one of the simplest forms of prayer. (In our daily life, we naturally keep thinking of God and give Him thanks and praise.)
 Here, we can give thanks and praise more carefully than usual.
Let's give Him thanks and praise in a careful manner, embraced by God's companionship and grace.

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