SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[13]Pray along with Nature’s Blessings that Touch You

 It is still a season of harsh coldness. You can skillfully enjoy the rays of the sun within the slight moment when there is no wind. It is sunshine that seems to have escaped from the winter cold. Within that moment, you can bathe your whole body in the sunlight. The sun’s rays are like the God’s rays of love that shine upon you.
 In the early morning of the pleasant climate, you expose yourselves to the refreshing air. You appreciate the air that brushes your skin. If that is a breeze that touches you as it passes by, you would feel all the more happy. This refreshing air and breeze beckon your emotions toward God’s kindness.
Encounter the harsh cold air and the strong wind—touch God’s sincerity.
 Next is water. Wash your face and body with the fresh and abundant water. The surface of your dull face and body will revive its freshness. From there, your feelings will come alive. You feel the happiness of fresh water, its preciousness.
 The refreshing feeling remains after washing your body. Your skin will continue to feel the revived freshness. From the appreciation of its freshness, you cannot help but thank God.
 Soak your whole body in the bathtub filled with water. The pure water embraces the smooth skin. You are impressed with the glory that wraps you with purity and warmth. You appreciate God’s blessings.
“Nature” will be prolonged a bit.
 It feels as if a cloth made of natural material wraps you. In other words, it is like an underclothing or towel or even blanket. They are nice when they are soft and thick. It even makes you feel romantic. You can thank God.
You appreciate the wood used in your house. Especially when the table is made of wood, not iron, nor aluminum, nor glass. There is a time when it hurts from caressing and rubbing. The same with the floor, you thank that it is not made of stone, or cement, or synthetic material. When you are surrounded by wood, it delivers peace to your body and mind. As if God’s kind hand reaches you, you are compelled to thank God. From the Nature’s blessings that touch you, you pray and offer your appreciation to God.  

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