SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[10] Meditation based on sense of hearing (listening to sounds)

 Let’s try to deepen our meditation using one of our bodily organs—ears.
First, straighten ourselves, and get rid of everything in our mind, and think about nothing.
 Then, listen to all sounds that reach our ears.  Let’s not judge if they are good or bad, but just accept everything.  As soon as you notice that you have distracting thoughts or feel anything emotional, go back to the mere observation of sounds.
 Listen to all sounds, those close to you, those from far away, and those from somewhere in the middle.
 Try not to intellectually understand what sounds you are hearing.  Instead, let’s hear sounds as they are.
 When you listen to sounds as they are, the sounds become surprisingly less “noisy,” “irritating,” and “uncomfortable.”  Let’s open up our heart to the sounds more, trying not to think that you don’t like them or you want to escape from them but keeping accepting them as they are.
 Now we feel that the place in which we live becomes broader.  We notice how partially we normally observe the place where we live.
 There are numerous “lives.”  There are limitless types of “lives,” and your life is a living part of these countless “lives.”
 And your life is in a delicate relationship with all these “lives.”
 By observing “lives” in a new way, we may be able to step into a mysterious world.

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