SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[5]Jesus Prayer 

  “Jesus prayer” is a simple prayer of uttering the name of Jesus in one breath.
 Choose one of “Jesus” or “Lord Jesus.” Limit the name in one of these and do not change it while you pray.
 Next, decide how you utter the name with your breathing. There are three patterns. Try the followings and choose one.
(A) Breathe in while uttering the name once, and breathe out without saying anything.
(B) Breathe in without saying anything, and breathe out while uttering the name.
(C) Breathe in while uttering the first half of the name, and breathe out while uttering the second half of the name.
 Repeat the pattern again and again as if “your breath is mixed with God’s breath” and “you paste the name of Jesus on your breath.” (Excerpt from note 1, translated)
 You may want to utter the name while imagining that Jesus, who is risen, is beside you so that you can overcome the dry and tasteless feeling. Try to have Jesus’ memories embrace everything. Everything including during prayer, in daily scenes, and in your deed.
 Here is a book translated into Japanese in which “Jesus Prayer” is explored.

“Iezusu no mina no inori – sono rekishi to jissen (Jesus Prayer: its history and practice)”
(Anonymous monk of the Eastern Church, translated by Isao Furuya, 1983, Akashi Shobo)

“Jesus Prayer” (note 1)
(Toho Kirisuto kyo sosho 3 (Eastern Christianity series 3), Olivier Clément, Jacques Serr, translated by Hisao Miyamoto, Masaki Omori, 1995, Shinseisha)

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