SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[3] Sharpening spiritual awareness by using breathing

 Anapana (“breathing” in Sanskrit) is a method of breathing to keep feeling the flow of air that passes on the tip of the nose.
 During the anapana breathing, our brains stop being active.  It means that we stop thinking, imagining, and being emotional but concentrate entirely on feeling the flow of air.

 We focus on feeling:
 The air that touches the nasal membrane…
 The air that touches the upper lip…
 And the feeling on the nasal membrane inside the tip of the nose and the skin in the equilateral triangle area from the upper lip to the nose.
 How do you feel the air when you inhale and exhale (note 1)?
 Feel it carefully and keenly.
 Let’s try to sharpen our spiritual awareness through the anapana breathing.
 More specifically, the three points below could be followed.
 The first is to calm your mind and get peace of mind.
 The second is to feel your current self.  Keep feeling the “present,” not past, not future.
 And the third is to reach the profound recognition that you constantly change.

(Note 1) When you inhale and exhale
 This is not a health management method.  Breathe normally and in natural rhythm.  For exhaling, it is recommended to let all the air out calmly and smoothly without stopping.

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