SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

To pray with body (taking a breath)

[2]How to Take a Posture for Prayer

 In Sadhana, the position of waist and upper half of the body is very important.
 You don’t have to force yourself to make a beautiful and balanced appearance. You have to relax the upper half of your body and put a weight on the centre of your pelvis. That is an ideal way.
You will feel deeply at peace. You have to take a right position for the purpose of making a very good meditation.
 In detail, first you have to get a cushion or any other appropriate stand so that you can keep your waist (hip) at a proper height.
 Next, you have to tighten the muscle of your waist and straighten your pelvis.
 Relax your shoulder and other parts of your body as if you have a straight stick penetrated from your top of your head to your waist.
 This is just like you are completely relaxing your body and your body is standing up straight.
 Besides, you have to make a straight line passing through from your left shoulder to your right shoulder. You have to completely relax your body right here, too.
 When you cross your legs, you have to relax your legs without becoming conscious of the position too much. If you can take a full or half lotus position of Zen with an ease, that will be fine. But if you have difficulties in forming these positions, you can cross your legs.
 You have to relax your hands as well. You have to put your hands on your knees softly.
(You may find the advantages of this position later.)

 In Sadhana, you don’t take a relaxation, nor make a recovery of your health through meditation. You have to improve the quality of meditation by taking such positions like above.
 You have to completely relax your body, keeping it straight and balanced, without swinging at all. That is your goal.

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