SadhanaOriental meditation and christian prayer

Other ways of praying

【6】Praying by appreciating the view of nature – 1 (inspired by its beauty)

 In this prayer, we simply look to God by being moved by the beauty of nature.  We pay attention to our heart, away from words.  Rather than being lost in thought, we focus on the sight in front of us.  It is a pure prayer to talk to God by being fascinated and moved by the beauty of nature that we see.
 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
 We cast a natural eye on flowers.  We are dazzled, or captivated by their beautiful appearance.  We praise God before we know it.
We feel cheerful and even intoxicated by the young leaves that stretch freely and sparkle in the sun. We can praise God here.
 A stark landscape in the dead of winter sometimes reveals striking beauty and divinity.  It is the view of the land covered by snow.
 At dawn or dusk on sunny days.  Sunrise or sunset.  A big vermilion (sometimes pure red) circle with golden splendor in and around it.  The mighty and solemnity of it.  It makes us want to place our hands together.   We can praise God for his holiness and magnificence.
 Combination of the sunshine and other things: Morning or evening sun reflected on clouds in the sky; shadows on mountains; sunlight shining on the surface of the sea; ripples sparkling when a breeze blows, and large waves creating flowing lines when the sea swells.
 We can find beauty in nature endlessly:  Lakes in a highland, silvery mountains in winter…
 We get a catch in our throat, and are filled with exultation.
 We praise God naturally, purely being moved by the beauty of nature.  This is a high level of sympathy with God.


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