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Prayer with fantasy

[30] Imagining a scene in the Gospel and meet Jesus – 5 (Jesus washes disciples’ feet)

 In this section, we meditate in the same way as we did in [3], [7], and [22] of Prayer with Fantasy. We now look at John 13:1-15.
(After reading this part of the Bible,)
 We first imagine the room where the supper takes place. How big is the room? Is the ceiling high, or low? What color are the walls? Is the room well-lit, or dark?
 Then, we look at the table and people who are at the table. What are on the table? And how are Jesus and twelve disciples seated? Where is Jesus? How does he look like? (5 minutes)
You are at the same table. What are you wearing? Who are on your right and left sides? What is the atmosphere? How do you feel, sitting at the table? (3 minutes)

 Suddenly, Jesus stands up during supper. He asks a servant to pour water in a basin and bring cloth to tie around his waist and a towel.
 Jesus washes the feet of each disciple and dries them with the towel, starting with John, who sits closest to him. Looking at him, how do you feel? (3 minutes)

 Eventually, Jesus comes to Peter. Urged to extend his feet to him, how does Peter act? What does he say? How does Jesus respond and act? (3 minutes)

 Finally, Jesus comes to you. He tells you to extend your feet. How do you act? How do you reply to him?
 You extend your feet, urged by Jesus. He touches your feet with his soft and warm hands. He washes your feet carefully with gentle stroke. How do you feel?
 For a while, you receive the favor of Jesus…
(Through this, we can get a sense that we are cherished by Jesus, or that we can powerfully convey our wishes to Jesus, or that Jesus tells us how we truly feel, like “You are very tired,” “You are very worried about something,” “You are very angry at somebody,” “You are jealous about somebody close to you,” or “You have a big health concern.”)
 We fully enjoy such spiritual experience. (8 minutes)

 Now, Jesus leaves you, and goes back to where he was. You look at him walking back to his seat. (1 minute)

 As a conclusion, we can sing Tenrei Seika (Japanese liturgical hymn book) #390 “Kirisuto no youni kangae (Think like Christ).”



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