SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Prayer with fantasy

[29] The Awakening

 I make believe that I am paralyzed from the shoulders down.
 I vividly imagine my surroundings
 and notice what my thoughts and feelings are.

 I see the changes paralysis has brought about in
 my work and my profession,
 my relationships,
 my self-image,
 my attitude to self,
 my life of prayer, my relationship with God,
 my views on life.
 I observe myself reacting, for example, to the daily news,
 my attitudes and values regarding work,

 I contemplate an average day
 from the moment of my waking in the morning
 till I fall asleep at night:
 my first thought on awaking,
 my meals,
 my toilet needs,
 my work
 and therapy,
 my entertainment,

 At night I dedicate some minutes to thanksgiving.

 I am thankful for the gift of speech:
 I can express my needs
 and feelings,
 I can relate to others,
 even help them.

 And hearing:
 I can hear the sound of music
 and the song of birds
 and human voices.

 And sight:
 I can look at flowers
 and trees
 and stars at night
 and the faces of my friends.

 I am full of gratitude for taste
 and smell
 and touch,
 for thought
 and memory
 and fantasy
 and feeling.

 And now the time has come
 to be grateful for paralysis itself:

 I look at the blessings it has brought
 till I can see it as a gift.
 If I can bring myself to do this
 I will have tasted
 a moment of the purest mysticism,
 namely, of an acceptance of everything that is.

 I now reflect on something in my life
 that I resent,
 a physical defect,
 an illness,
 an unavoidable situation,
 a circumstance I live in,
 a happening of the past,
 a person.

 And step by step,
 I do with it what I did with my “paralysis.”
 So that, without relinquishing
 my desire and my efforts
 to get rid of it if possible,
 I bring myself to gratitude for it,
 for everything,
 for every single thing.


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