SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Prayer with fantasy

[22]Imagining a scene of the Gospel and meeting Jesus – 4 (woman with ointment)

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 After we spend about five minutes to calm down, we listen to Luke 7:36-50.   Then, we meditate, actively using our imagination as guided by an instructor.
 First, imagine a room with a dining table.  What is the color of the walls?  How big are windows?  Where is the entrance?  Is the room with the dining table big, or small?  Is it high, or low?  Look around the room carefully.  Who are at the table?
 What clothes are they in?  Where are disciples?  Where is  Jesus?  What clothes is he in?  Look at Jesus carefully.
 Where are you sitting among them?  What are you doing?  How are you behaving?  Imagine specifically.  Why are you with them at the table?  (3 minutes)
 When you are at the table, a sinful woman suddenly enters the room, and approaches Jesus from behind.  Look at her carefully.
 She is weeping at his feet.  She bathes his feet with her tears, and wipes them with her hair.  She anoints them with the ointment, and kisses them.  Look at her attitude very carefully.   How do you feel?  How does your mind react?  Observe carefully.
 Why is she weeping?  Is she contrite?  Does she trust Jesus?  Does she believe that Jesus changes her?  How do you feel, looking at her attitude and her faith in Jesus?
 Look at Jesus.  How does he feel?  How does he feel, looking at her attitude?  Is he accepting and trusting her?  Look at Jesus as carefully as possible.  How do you feel about Jesus?  How does your mind react to the heart of Jesus?  (7 minutes)
 Now, look at other people at the table.  Pay special attention to Simon and the Pharisee.  How does Simon react, looking at her?  How do you feel about his response?
 Jesus starts talking.  He tells a story to Simon.  Compare Simon’s and the woman’s attitudes.  How do you feel, listening to the story that Jesus tells?  How does your mind react?  Observe as carefully as possible.
 Pay careful attention to the message of Jesus.  Because her many sins have been forgiven, she is showing great love.  How do you feel about it?  How does she feel, listening to the story that Jesus tells?  (7 minutes)
 Jesus talks directly to her.  Looking at her, and looking at her face in tears, he says, “Your sins are forgiven.”  What attitude and facial expression does she show, listening to the words of Jesus?  How do you feel, looking at her attitude?  (5 minutes)
She leaves the room.  Observe her facial expression carefully.  Is it peaceful, joyful, happy, or enlightened?  How do you feel, looking at her expression?  How does your mind react?  Feel as carefully as possible.
 You approach Jesus.  What do you do?  Do you talk to Jesus?  What do you ask at the feet of Jesus?  Do you implore his forgiveness?
 Stay with Jesus for a while.
 Disciples leave the room, following Jesus.  What do you do?  Where do you go?  (7 minutes)
 Conclude this meditation, singing Tenrei Seika (Japanese liturgical hymn book) #177 “Watashi no kokoro wa... (My heart...).”

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