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Prayer with fantasy

[21] Life: the true value of it

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 The other day, you underwent a thorough medical checkup.  Assume that you are going to see a doctor to hear the result today.   Depending on the result, the doctor may tell you that you are in a serious condition.   Follow the guidlines below.
 As preparation, observe the sensation of each part of your body for five minutes before starting imagining.
 Remove tension, sit down, and close your eyes.  Observe the sensation of each part of your body, starting with the top of your head.  (5 minutes)
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
 The other day, you underwent a thorough medical checkup.  You are now sitting in a waiting room at a hospital to hear the result from your doctor.  Look around the room, and pay attention to every detail such as the color of the wall, furniture, magazines, graphical jounals, newspapers, etc.  Is there anybody who is waiting for their turn?  If there is anybody waiting, look at them and observe their appearance, outfit, etc...  Observe how they are feeling while they are waiting to be called into a consultation room.  (3 minutes)

 Now your name is called.  It’s your turn.  You go into the consultation room.  Look around the room.  Observe each detail such as furniture, medical equipment, etc.  Is the room well-lit, or dim?  Look at the doctor.  His appearance and clothes.  What type of person do you think he is?  (2 minutes)

 The doctor starts speaking quietly.  From his way of talking, it seems he is hiding something from you.  You ask him to tell you everything honestly.  With a look of sympathy on his face, he tells you briefly, “As a result of the examination, it was found out that you have cancer.”  You ask, “How long can I live?”  He replies, “You can do normal activities for about two months at most.  You will spend your last one month in hospital.”  (3 minutes)

 How do you respond to this sudden notice?  Stay with your thoughts that fill your heart for a while...  (1 minute) 

 You walk out of the consultation room...  You are in a hallway at hospital.  You look through the window at the garden.  How is the sky?  Is it cloudy, or sunny?  (1 minute)

 You walk through the hospital entrance and go outside.  You look at a street.  Is it congested or empty?  (2 minutes)

 How will you go home?  Where will you go?  Will you go on foot, or use public transportation?  (2 minutes)

 You finally get home.  Do you feel like talking with somebody?  Who do you want to talk with?  How will you tell your condition to your family?  Do you want to tell the news to your family?  (2 minutes)

 It’s time for dinner.  How do you feel?  What kind of facial expression do your family have?  Can you have a meal?  (2 minutes)

 You finish dinner, and go to your room alone.  Be absorbed in your thoughts for a while.  (1 minute)

 Now it is far into the night.  Unable to contain your sadness, you silently go out and head for church.  You head straight toward church...  You finally arrive at church, and go inside.  In the pitch darkness, you can see a gentle light of a sanctuary lamp.  You sit down and look at the tabernacle.  Look at Jesus for a while... What do you say to the Lord?  What does Jesus tell you?  (3 minutes)

 Still with your eyes closed, return to this room.  Where is the entrance?  Where are windows?  Where are desks?  Who’s beside you?  (2 minutes)

 After one minute, finish this meditation.
 Open your eyes slowly, and move your body slightly.
 Conclude the meditation by singing Tenrei Seika (Japanese returgical hymn book) #18 “Inochi aru subete no mono ni shu wa shokumotsu wo (The Lord gives food to all living things).”

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