SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Prayer with fantasy

[19]A torch that lights inmost depth of our heart

 This meditation is performed as follows:
For the first five minutes, we observe the sensation of each part of our body, and then imagine that we go inside our heart.  If you have an uneasy feeling, stop doing this and  return to reality.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
 We sit down (on a floor or in a chair) in a relaxed manner, close our eyes, straighten our back, and observe the feeling of each parts of our body from head to toe, carefully, patiently, and calmly.  (5 minutes)
 Now we start meditating using our imagination.  First, we imagine as if we enter our heart.  We only find darkness inside ourselves.  It’s empty.  (1 minute)
 We gradually proceed deepter into our heart.  We arrive at the source of intelligence.  It is dark and emply.  (1 minute)
 We proceed deeper and arrive at the source of emotion.  It is dark and empty.  (1 minute)
 We proceed further, and find the source of will.  It is also dark and empty.  (1 minute)
 We proceed even further, and find the source of imagination.  It is still dark and empty.  (1 minute)
 We enter the domain of spirit.  It is still dark, but it seems a small fire is burning in the deepest part of the spirit.  It is slightly shining towards God like the act of love towards God.  (1 minute)
 We give a name to the fire such as “my God,” “my everything,” “Jesus,” “Abba, Father,” “the will of God,” “Lord,” “God,” “love,” “come, Holy Spirit,” or other name with which we would like to call it.  We do not chant the name but hear it internally, imagining that we hear it from the depth of the spirit.  This word stays with the fire.  We hear the word gushing out of innermost recesses of our soul.  (8 minutes)
 Imagine that the word gradually echoes through our head.  (1 minute)
 The word gradually spreads and echoes through our mind.  (1 minute)
 The word also echoes through our heart.  (1 minute)
 The word also spreads in our stomach.  (1 minute)
 The word gradually echoes through our entire body.  (1 minute)
 The word echoes through the entre room.  (1 minute)
 The word spreads and echoes through the entire house.  (1 minute)
 The word can be heard anywhere on earth.  (1 minute)
 The word spreads in the universe.  (1 minute)
 The word becomes a big cry, springs from our inner self and the depth of the soul, and spreads in the universe.  It can be heard anywhere like a gigantic waterfall.  (1 minute)
 Finally, we express our love to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
After one minute, we finish this prayer.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
 We could beautifully conclude this meditation with a hymn.  (Ex. Tenrei Seika (Japanese liturgical hymn book) #119 “Shu wa watashi no hikari (Lord is my light)”)

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