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Prayer with fantasy

[12]Hearing the name of Jesus in sound in your imagination


 First, let’s observe the wonderful act of Jesus in the Bible.  We will read Letter to Colossians 1:15-20, and then, follow the instructions below, and concentrate on our prayer.  In between instructions, we will hear poems by Saint John of the Cross three times.
 For the first five minutes, we will listen to the sound that we actually hear, and then pray for 20 minutes.
 Now, let’s read the Bible: Col 1:15-20.

 After reading the section, keep your back straight, close your eyes, and listen to the actual sound as much as possible.  Listen carefully, paying attention to the slightest sound.  Listen patiently and calmly.  (5 minutes)
Listen to all the sound, and focus on the balance in the sound if you can.  (1 minute)

 Now we listen to imaginative sound.
 Imagine that wind moves trees in the forest.  Listen to the sound of the forest.  (1 minute)
 Listen to the sound of mountain streams.  (1 minute)
 Listen to the sound of waves on a beach.  (1 minute)

My Beloved is the mountains,
The solitary wooded valleys,
The strange islands,
The roaring torrents,
The whisper of the amorous gales  (1 minute)

 Go into space and feel the silence.  Imagine the silence and harmony of the move of the stars.
 Feel the calmness of mountains at night and listen to the sound of mountains.  (1 minute)

The tranquil night
At the approaches of the dawn,
The silent music,
The murmuring solitude,
The supper which revives, and enkindles love.  (1 minute)

 Listen to the name of Jesus in the calmness of mountains at night.  (2 minuntes)
 Listen to the sound of machines created by human technology such as cars, planes, and factory equipment.  (1 minute)
 Listen to the name of Jesus in the sound.  (1 minute)
 Listen to music.  Imagine grandiose orchestral or choral music.  (1 minute)
 Listen to the name of Jesus in it.  (2 minute)
 The name of Jesus shakes your soul.  (1 minute)
 All creation in the universe call and glorify the name of Jesus.  Jesus is the Lord of the universe.  (1 minute)

A thousand graces diffusing
He passed through the groves in haste,
And merely regarding them
As He passed,
Clothed them with His beauty.

(1 minute)

 The Spirit of God talks through all creations.  He speaks through human beings and through nature.  (1 minute)
 The name of Jesus shakes your soul like a melody.  (1 minute)

 Conclude this prayer by singing “Kami no Na wa Amaneku (God’s name throughout the world)” (Tenrei Seika<Japanese liturgical hymn book> #48)
※(Translateor’s note: The English Translation of the Lines of St. John of the Cross is quoted from the web-site below:


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