SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Prayer with fantasy

[9]Art Museum

  Imagine that you are visiting alone an art museum of statues.  You observe in details the building of the art museum.  Is it modern or old?  Is there a garden in front of the building?  Take a good look at the garden.  You see the building and enter it.  You see various kinds of statues.  You enter a room and see your own statue.  You observe the statue in details.  From this imagination move forward to the center, it is a prayer that deepens your meditation. Meditate by following the guidance below faithfully.

 First, calm your mind through Vipassana meditation for 5 minutes.  While doing this, clear your thoughts, empty your mind and aim to be obedient and peaceful. After this preparation, the method varies greatly, you will actively develop your imagination.

  You are in front of an art museum. After taking a good look at the garden, enter inside the building.  Observe the statue in details.  When you enter a room, you see a statue of yourself.  Observe it closely.  Is it big or small?  Look at it very carefully (5 minutes)

   As you walk around the statue of yourself, touch it while you observe it. What is it like? Is it warm, cold or rough on the surface?  (2 minutes)

   Stand in front of your statue and look at it once again.  Do you like it?  Do you dislike it?  Talk to your statue.  What is your statue saying? (3 minutes)
  Next, enter your statue, observe the room and other statues, how does it feel? (2 minutes).

  Jesus suddenly enters the room.  What is He wearing?  Jesus is looking at your statue from the door.  How does He feel watching you?  Does Jesus immediately come to your statue?  Or, does He come to it after observing other statues? Be with Jesus for a while.  (7 minutes)

   Soon Jesus says goodbye.  Jesus moves away from you.  Jesus stands at the door and looks at you once again.  How do you feel?  (1 minute)

   Up to now, you have been in your own statue and you were one with the statue. Next, step out of your statue, and observe it once again. Has your statue changed? How did it change?  You finish visiting the art museum and leave.  You walk on the road. There are a lot of people.  How does it feel to be in the crowd?  Do the people look at you?  How does it feel?  Where are you going from there? (3 minutes)

 Keep your eyes closed; go back to the room you were in.  Where is the window? Is the ceiling high?  What is the floor like?  Who is beside you?  This meditation will end in one minute.  Open your eyes, and relax your body. 

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