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Prayer with fantasy

[7] Imagining a scene of the Gospel and meet Jesus - 2

 In this section, we meditate in the same way as we did in [3].  This time, we use a different section in the New Testament Gospel: John 5: 1-9.
(After reading the section...)
 First, imagine the place where the pool of Bethesda is.  What is the size and water color of the pool?  What is the shape of the porticoes?  How is the weather?  Develop a concrete image.  (2 minutes)

 There are many sick people.  There are blind, lame, and crippled people.  Look at these sick people.  What clothes are they in?  Are they lying, or sitting?  Are they attended by somebody?  Look at them in a concrete way.  (2 minutes)

 You are among them.  Clearly imagine that you are there.  What kind of clothes are you in?  What are you doing?  What is your role?  Why are you there?  Feel clearly that you are there.  (2 minutes)

 Among sick people, there is a crippled patient.  Look at the person carefully.  What clothes is this person in?  Is this person lying down?  Walk towards the person and talk to him/her.
 Listen to what the person says.  What is the person’s condition?  Listening to what the patient says, how do you feel?  Be focused.  (4 minutes)

 When you are talkling with the patient, Jesus approaches you.  Look at how he looks.  What clothes is he in?  Is he alone, or is he with his diciples?  How do you think he feels lookig at a large group of sick people? (2 minutes)

 Jesus looks at the crippled patient and approaches him/her.  How do you feel when Jesus comes close to you?  Prepare a space for Jesus.  (1 minute)

 Listen to how Jesus talks to the patient.
 How does the sick person reply to him?  Hear their conversation.  Pay attention to Jesus’ words, “Do you want to be well?”  Take time and hear their conversation.  (5 minutes)

 Listen to Jesus’ voice.  He says, “Rise,” and the patient stands up and starts walking.  How do you feel about it?  (2 minutes)

 The paralyzed person leaves the pool of Bethesda.  Here comes an opportunity for you.  Approach Jesus, and talk to him about healing.  How do you feel?  (2 minutes)

 Are you sick?  Physical or mental?  If you are, talk to Jesus about your illness.  Listen to Jesus’ voice, “Do you want to be well?”  (2 minutes)

 Do you really want to be well?  If you do, you need to change.  You should not stay in a noncommittal attitude.  Blessing comes upon you when you take a resolute attitude.  Do you believe that Jesus heals you?  Do you believe that this can be realized through the faith of the group?  If you do, listen to the powerful words of Jesus.  How do you feel listening to Jesus’ words?  Stay with Jesus for a while.  (3 minutes)

In conclusion, sing hymn #184.

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