SadhanaOriental Meditation and Christian Prayer

Prayer with fantasy

[6]Talking with Jesus who sits in a chair

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 Two chairs are needed for this prayer.
One chair is for you, and the other is for Jesus.  Place the chair for Jesus in front of yours, about 30-40cm apart from your knees.
Let’s pray now.
 Imagine that Jesus is sitting in the chair in front of you.  Look at his face carefully.  Observe what kind of clothes he is in.
 After depicting the image of Jesus clearly in your mind, talk to Jesus.  Express anything that you are interested in now.  Do not be concerned about using fine words in the Bible or abstruse theological expressions.  Express your true thoughts in your daily life as they are.  You don’t necessarily have to talk about your faith.  Talk to him as you have a casual conversation.
 After talking to him for a while (6 – 7 minutes), stop talking.
Now, have Jesus talk to you.  Try to listen to what Jesus says for a while, and conclude your prayer.

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