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Prayer with fantasy

The Model of Applying Jesus’ Name in Prayer (B)

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 Prayer in the form of chanting Jesus’ Name can be applied in striving to be blessed in any situation in daily life. This prayer “Jesus’s Name in Prayer” is effective when it is done after familiarizing yourself with this form of prayer “Chanting Jesus’ Name in Prayer” (See note below).
 Regarding the significance of this prayer, it is a continuation of chanting Jesus’ Name reverently. Chanting the name in silence, you actively imagine and visualize that imagination of each item that you engage with. To be more specific, it will be as follows:
 Imagine the wash basin you use, and toward that wash basin, say “Lord, Jesus.” Imagine the mirror above the wash basin, and say toward that mirror, “Lord, Jesus.” Imagine the desk you use, and say toward the desk, “Lord, Jesus.” Imagine your telephone, and say toward the phone, “Lord, Jesus,” and so forth. Continue on with other items such as your mobile phone, the cutting board in the kitchen, cooking stove, water tap, dining table, your whole house, the bus stop on the road, convenience store in your town, the train station building near your home, the whole town that you live in, to all these items and places and to many others you chant His Name.
 The wish is clear. You want to be with Jesus in every part of your daily life. You want to bless every matter that you are engaged with. In this way, the objects that you chant to naturally include imagination of small specific things to broad matters such as Japan or the Earth.
 It is a simple form of prayer but it aims toward a wonderful goal. All the matter that you engage with, all the places you may be, the prayer will lift them up and make them sacred in the name of the Lord, Jesus. Moreover, even if this path may be long, this request will not be meaningless. Wherever you are in the name of God up high, all matters will be sacred.
 Do not expect a sudden result, continue the prayer patiently.

(Note) “Chanting Jesus’ Name in Prayer” is described in the 5th section of “To Pray with body (taking a breath)” corner. .

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