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Prayer with fantasy

“Intercessory prayer” for friends –using imagination-

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 An “intercessory prayer” is a method of prayer that you can use at a gathering of prayer with your friends (group).
 You pray imagining that Jesus blesses us by stretching his arms above the head of each one of us.  You pray to Jesus asking for God’s blessing on your friends who are praying with you.
 Here is the process of the intercessory prayer.
- You draw a mental picture following the words of a guide.  At Process 7, each person prays in silence for a while.

1. The group members sit in a circle.
2. You imagine the face of Jesus suffering on the cross.
3. You look at the face of Jesus (for a minute).
4. Next, you imagine the face of Jesus, who is in joyous expression after he is risen (for a minute).
5. You imagine Jesus standing in front of you in joyous expression and blessing you by stretching his arms above your head.  Pray for abundant blessing of Jesus on you (for two minutes).
6. Jesus moves on to a person sitting on your right, and stretches his arms again.  Pray an intercessory prayer for the person (for two minutes).
7. Taking two minutes for each person, you pray an intercessory prayer for everyone in a counterclockwise direction.
8. Finally, you pray for two important persons who are not here today.  One is a person who dislikes you, and the other is a person who you dislike.

 If a group consists of four to seven people, all the members sit in a circle, and pray for all of them.
 If there are many members in the group, the members sit in a bigger circle or in two or three circles.  In this case, you have Jesus move on to persons on your right for couple of times, and then persons on your left until you pray an intercessory prayer for five to seven people with greatest concentration.

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