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My experience of Sadhana sessions

  My Sadhana experience

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 I really liked the excellent work of art.  On the pedestal, he looks mighty in his armor, bending his left leg and bracing his right leg.  He is about to shoot an arrow upward.  The statue was at the center of a room at a big museum that has a front yard filled with green grass and a brownish building made of stone.  The museum houses Venus de Milo and other bronze statues of emperors and rulers.  I was in the statue, excited about being a great person.  The statue itself was me.  When I noticed Jesus coming, I felt very small like a child who was scolded.  Feeling awkward, I slid down the pedestal in a flurry.  I threw myself on my knees in front of Jesus, and felt small with my head hanging low.
 Jesus came beside me, and spoke comforting words to me, "You can stay as you are."
 This is the image that came to my mind during the Sadhana session led by a father.
 I have participated in the session several times, and learned various methods such as a way to start praying using breathing, senses, and body.  As a result, I was blessed with the opportunities to meet, talk with, and be given words from Jesus and God.  Whenever I feel distressed, I participate in the Sadhana program.  Before, I kept praying because I wanted to meet God and hear His voice, but I could rarely receive any answer from Him.  I was painfully aware of the difficulty of praying.  Of course, I could tell Him what I want, but that made me feel that I was selfish.   I felt sorry for God, and felt that I was insincere.   But things have changed after I met Sadhana.  Only by keeping quiet as guided by a father, I can reach the deepest part of my heart.  I feel calm, settled, and stabilized, if you will.
I would like to keep participating in the Sadhana program in order to deepen my prayer and to seek encounter with God and liberation of my heart. (Nagano, 60s, male)